Maximized Issue Reductions

The very existence of Life generates numerous issues.

Many situations affect adversely their resolution.

Resultant dis-ease undermines well-being.

The associated harm long-since became systemic.

It can damage anyone from infancy upward.

Much of it is also lacking adequate containment.

It thereby often lifetime-blights lives.

The Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic is adding to the issues.

Global improvements are much-needed.

The bedrock scientifically-validated ‘keys’ do exist.

My specialty was to identify a comprehensive selection.

They are innocuous, invaluable and universally-relevant.

Their cohesive worth is however seldom recognized.

This is because they remain out of public awareness.

My undertaking is to now employ them for mass application.

Such ‘core’ output can assist numerous issue-reduction needs.

This includes via content-moderation by AI on social media.

Priceless options are offered.

Details are at: Crisis.

Further details are at: Solutions.

Interest is invited.