Crisis Points

Humanity faces many escalating challenges.

From famine, poverty, wars and on, the list is long.

Increasing are mass-fires, -flooding, -insurrections and -pollutants.

Recently emerged is the Coronavirus pandemic.

This challenge alone has forced unprecedented measures.

National resources are being stretched as never before.

Most people will see it all as highly-challenging.

Wholly-adequate control of it remains in the future.

Although serious, it could prove to be a relatively-mild issue.

Along with many threats, it could become almost ‘as nothing’.

Very serious issues may-yet overtake all that has occurred.

Dire situations are predictable that prove to be unmanageable.

Even such as population explosion could become unsustainable.

Collapses in the monetarist/consumerist systems also threaten.

Relentless ecological harm invites much worse.

If the human race continues ‘as is’, all such likelihoods increase.

A viable alternative exists – improvements as never before.

Current changes in human activity indicate their feasibility.

They could be minor compared to what may become essential.

The universally reliable ‘bedrock’ solutions do exist.

I first began studying them nearly half-a-century ago.

My priority was the assembly of a comprehensive selection.

The collective represents the scope for survival of viable Life.

Even if abused, the upside potentials will remain unequivocal.

They are constant, only the human race can change.

Now elderly, my ideal is to release and explain the findings.

Ultimately, such output needs to be in the public domain.

Invaluable solutions are available.

The background is at: Solutions.

Interest is invited.