Existing market-place Life-related Issue-resolution provisions are woefully inadequate.

With sounder knowledge, anyone can help to improve upon them.

This is across all forms of genuinely-viable Wellbeing and Sustainability.

This applies to all individuals, groups, nations and beyond.

It also applies to all other Life in general, the Ecology and to the planet.

In all instances, the greater existing failings stem from Leadership downward.

What is needed is the highly-specialist knowledge with which to achieve quantum advancements.

This area of expertise for private clients has been my long-term specialty.

My ideal is to now help to enable global reductions in all forms of Life-related issues.

The wide-scale dissemination of these potentials require additional resources.

All forms of legal investment will be considered.

It can include a pre-agreed exit.

Pre-agreement of yields are also feasible.

Additionally, Grants, Sponsorship and Benefaction are invited.

Decision-makers please.