Harm Reduction

The process of Life is challenging for most living entities...

People included.

Resultant existential threats abound.

Ecological harm exacerbates the challenges for many Life forms.

Man included, on an escalating scale.

Reversal is yet to occur.

Nature is Nature and Nature will evolve accordingly.

Man interferes, both helpfully and harmfully.

Missing are soundest-possible solutions.

On balance therefore, Man's harm outweighs the help.

An indicative example is 'Climate' change.

Much more, it is yet-another Man-caused pollution issue.

The harm-implications are becoming recognized more widely.

They are simply part of far-wider existential issues.

As such thereby, an escalating Sustainability issue.

Regardless of related 'hype', 'opinions', misinformation et al, however...

Entirely absent are definitive-, core-, absolute-solutions.

Even though they exist, there remains no public awareness of them.

Long overdue, they were developed over the past half-century.

My commitment is their release, ideally into the public domain.

In the name of Humanity, you could assist.

Needed are the resources for meaningful delivery.

Sustainability calls for their ubiquity.