History has recorded massive changes brought about by Man.

Much of it has involved needless harm to Life.

The resultant damage is not sustainable.

Regardless of all 'progress', there are no sound outcomes in sight.

Present and future generations need far-sounder options.

They can only be derived from definitive solutions.

Core solutions at this level are my long-term specialty.

They have helped many people; countless still need the help.

My Legacy commitment is to facilitate this help to scale.

The ultimate is for them to be in the public domain.

This is entirely feasible; then everyone could benefit.

It is the surest way to secure viable sustainability.

They could even serve spectacularly in AI, and...

...diminish any and all threats from it.

This would curtail decades' of uncertainties about AI.

Are you Interested?

Please read on.

You will not be wasting your time.