An Unequaled Phoenix Project

My specialty interest was to identify the absolute Core understandings of existence.

I.E., The existential 'unknowns' at an incontrovertible level.

These findings enabled me to identify intrinsic solutions to costly sub-set issues.

For example, absolutes to the worry, trouble, stress and anxiety-type issues.

In relation, there followed the absolutes to most well-being and sustainability issues.

This level of findings enabled the structuring of an invaluable new service.

Its objective was to raise the profile of best-possible issue-resolution.

In-built were multiple facets, features and facilities for wide-scale potentials.

Compiled 'in-house' with bespoke software, it became imprudent to move to a launch.

This, for various extraneous reasons across the development team.

The global need for such a new service has since escalated dramatically.

Especially, across the spectrum of viable survivability - energy, climate, migration and on.

The purpose of this 'Phoenix' initiative is to restore/recreate that which was deliverable.

Much of the original infrastructure survives, with most aspects needing updates.

Ideally 'in-house', essential will be top-level IT skills across a range of disciplines.

These will include for up-dating and re-programming and for all security implications.

With my need to take the lead, additional help is also needed for pre-launch tasks.

This will amount to PA-oriented assistance for initial marketplace approaches.

They will include solicitations for grants, sponsorships, loans and investments.

With those additional resources, an initial launch is still feasible in 2022.

At an early stage, and due to my age, ongoing Key management will become essential.

Their primary purpose will be to attain, and sustain, Scale into perpetuity.

Additionally, their mandate will be to advance the overall impartial and inimitable service.

It will amount to an entirely unique initiative that is both imperative and long-overdue.

Interest from principals is invited via Contact.

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