Having contributed to private research in Cambridge in the early eighties, my input included recording the findings, the vested IP interest of which remains entrusted with me.

With continuing human troubles, the in-depth analysis was premised on ‘What on earth is Man doing?’ with eminent individuals making meaningful contributions.

Ground-breaking Core findings emerged that are scientifically supported.

The output became inaccessible on ageing IT equipment, (but with key-access equipment still available).

From the mid-eighties to 2006, much of my time was devoted to helping troubled situations that culminated in experimental Web-based services.

As an unrelated obligation, an onerous Executor duty then undermined all else.

Including, the demands of the exor commitment gave rise to adverse personal-health and -fiscal implications.

Able to now refocus on the invaluable findings, my ideal is to eventually vest them in the public domain for the benefit of everyone.

In the interim, needed is the raising of their profile to a widely-recognized level.

For this, proposed is the use of selected examples as contributors to improvements in the resolution of far-reaching Wellbeing issues.

Sought are the resources to implement the needed Web-based infrastructures.

Joint-ventures with existing services being a part of a wider ideal.

Early-stage funding is a prerequisite.

My Commitment

Although past the recognized retirement milestones, my offer of output includes:

Foundational architecture and structuring

Formats and Formulae for AI-based Web deliveries

Initial output with Core content

Trust-based arrangements for ongoing continuity