Damage Limitation

The human race faces unprecedented challenges.

It also faces a future without adequate solutions being available.

The solutions exist, but they are not in the public domain.

On many levels, the resultant harm to existing generations is palpable.

Much of the environmental damage is as-yet less self-evident.

Most of the harm to upcoming generations is not-yet manifest

In numerous ways, harm is accumulating, and most remedial efforts are insufficient.

The underlying reasons why are systemic.

Aspects of Leadership is in denial of them, and the other Leaders...?

The causes are self-evident, but they are being overlooked by the majority, including:

Man is in contravention of the most fundamental of universal understandings.

This persists because of all-harming biases.

The biases stem from, and are sustained by, most aspects of Leadership.

Damage will prevail until the related issues are addressed.

The Digital era has escalated all related potentials.

Essential revisions are needed.


'SciKeys' identifies initial steps.

Upcoming Damage

Much of the damage caused already is irreversible, or is not being contained.

The implications for upcoming - and future - generations is another matter.

From the earliest of ages, rigorous remedial steps are needed.

Beyond existing methodologies, higher levels of intrinsic understandings are essential.

The Bedrock information exists with which to expedite them.

They are the soundest scientifically-supported understandings in existence.

There are few indications that Leadership has adequate awareness of them.

In the alternative, to the extent that it does, it shows too-few signs of applying them.

Either way, the neglect can amount to a dereliction of their duty.

Derek's Legacy initiative is committed to helping to ease the shortcomings.


'Astute Moves' indicates initial options.

Or, please read on...


The inadequacies of Convention are self-evident.

So too, the resultant inequalities.

Derek is helping to precipitate meaningful improvements - hence...

Are you:

Concerned about the damaging side of the human race?

Anxious about all the dishonesty-, violence-, pollution-based downsides?

Wanting to mitigate habits, addictions, obesity, stress or other Wellbeing issues?

Dealing with personal, relationship, marriage, intimacy or work-related difficulties?

Do you want to:

Better existing circumstances, or improve them for upcoming generations?

Increase the effectiveness of a specific Cause?

Resolve a particular issue?

Make a Legacy contribution to benign progress?

Have you recognized that:

Education, welfare, counseling and medical services are inadequate?

Leadership is failing in its duties?

More resources are being abused than not?


Or, 'DEW Legacy' is a place to start.

Do you realize that:

Situations persist that stifle progress.

Most aspect of life are implicated.

The costs are immeasurable.

Viability is being undermined.

Core understandings are being ignored.

This is because there is scant recognition of them.

The lack of cognizance is due to millennia of misleading.

The outcome is that avoidable issues remain.

Deception is the driver of this costly situation.

It arises out of biases.

Leadership fuels it.

The implications are that major issues persist.

The need is for sounder alternatives.

Absolute solutions do exist for most downsides.

They can be implemented by the application of Core knowledge.

It amounts to the Bedrock of all sound understandings.

Improved viability can be achieved by its application.


Or, 'DEW Causes' takes these potentials forward.


Derek is helping to develop a Legacy venture that can assist.

It will release the Core information into the public domain.

The potential improvements are meaningful.

Delivery is feasible because he has also:

Identified supporting output.

Evolved formats and formulas with which to address any issue.

Devised a world-class venture for deliveries.

The potential upsides include:

Enhancements to all Benevolence.

Improvements in resolution of most issues.

Systematic reductions in Macro difficulties.

Improved prospects for upcoming generations.

Less harm for, and by, the disadvantaged.


Or, 'DEW Trust' is another starting-point for ways forward.

You can help, and benefit

Anyone can contribute.

In addition to personal Legacies, contributions can include donations.

They can also include helping with the development and delivery processes.

Everyone can benefit.

Additional to improved issue-resolution, benefits include investment options.

They will include improved ways forward for countless Causes.

Special emphasis is on helping the disadvantaged.

Priority is to introduce all-embracing Bedrock skills to upcoming generations.

This includes introductions into - and via - all educational processes.


Or, 'DEW Plan' indicates additional ways forward.

In summary

It is feasible to enhance the quality of Life by the application of Core knowledge.

These understandings can also help to resolve many other issues.

It follows that there are compelling reasons to support this initiative.



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