Legacy Ideals

Are you concerned about the state of the human condition, and the related damage being visited on the planet?

The underlying issues include:

The undermining of personal quality-of-Life.

The breakdown of community and national relationships.

International dissent, and the consequent conflicts.

Pollution of the planet's landmasses, seas and atmosphere.

The sustainability issues that threaten many life-forms, and on.

Claims abound that remedial steps exist about all of the above, but do you think that they mostly amount to 'Too little and too late'?

Are you aware that far sounder cost-effective progress is feasible, and that the Core understandings are available with which to implement it?

My commitment is to help to raise the profile of these ground-breaking advancements for the benefit of everyone.

In development are apps that address the broadest-possible spectrum of Wellbeing issues, each drawing upon the highest-possible Consultancy output.

They are being developed within the framework of a Legacy Initiative that anyone can contribute to, and everyone can benefit from.

Its potentials include:

Adults being enabled to better-address numerous costly Wellbeing issues.

Young adults being best-equipped to help to reduce Life-harming issues by the practical application of the output.

The incorporation of the related precepts into the teaching of up-coming generations would encourage improved Quality-of-Life, Sustainability and Wellbeing ideals.